affordable and reliable roofing services in Dandenong

    Professional and reliable roofing services in the northern, southern, eastern and western suburbs

    Established in 1972, Herald Roofing is a family owned and operated business offering superior roofing services. For over 40 years we have been providing quality roofing work in Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs.   
    Herald Roofing has been a member of the HIA since 1991 and are registered with the Builders Practitioners Board.

    Our company guarantees their workmanship and is also backed by the manufacturers guarantee on new concrete and terra cotta roof tiles.
    With friendly service, fast turnaround times and free quotes, you can contact us for your roofing needs.
    Stripe and replacement work in Dandenong

    Our services include:

    Supply and installation of concrete and terra cotta roof tiles for new homes, unit developments  -  extensions  - re-roofing and strip and recovers.

    We also carry a large selection of secondhand roof tiles for repairs, restoration works and extensions.

    affordable roof restoration in Dandenong

    Affordable and reliable

    • Roofing tiles
    • New and recycled tiles installation
    • Concrete and terracotta tiles installation
    • New homes and extensions
    • Strip and replacement work

    For professional and reliable roofing services in all areas call Herald Roofing on
    03 9768 2235 for your free quote today!

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